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My daughter Hannah decided that we should all have breakfast together as a family.  Not a bad idea since Spring sports are wrecking havoc on our eating dinner together as a family.  The other day she requested that I bake muffins for breakfast.  I asked what flavor and after a bit of thought she said Lemon Blackberry please.  I’ve made blackberry muffins before but those have cinnamon and no lemon.  Off to the internet to find a recipe for Lemon Blackberry Muffins.  There were tons!  I finally settled on one.  Of course I made a few tiny tweaks but that’s okay.  I am hoping that I am getting comfortable enough with the basic muffin recipe to start playing and developing my own.

UPDATE:  I can’t find the recipe I used.  I know it had 2 eggs, 1 cup of blackberries, zest of one lemon, juice of one lemon and yogurt.  I mixed white flour with whole wheat white flour and in the end they were delicious but I am mad at myself for misplacing the recipe.  Hopefully I can find it but I do have a picture of them!



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