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Yesterday we made a trek down to the new(ish) Penzey’s Spice store and the near to it Savory Spice Store.  Heaven!  They are totally different shops in feel and stock but both had wonderful merchandise and customer service.

Penzey’s has containers of each spice/herb/etc out for you to sniff.  There is a children’s area where the kids can draw pictures.  No tastings which is slightly disappointing but the selection of herbs and spices is crazy good.  Well lit, open and tons of recipes on cards for you to take.

Savory’s is also open and bright with loads of recipes to take.  Not all but many of the spices/herbs/blends had tasters here.  You could shake out a small amount and taste or smell it!  So helpful especially with the blends.  This store had a good selection of organic spices and herbs and all their products are gluten free.  Savory’s carried some very cool baking cocoas (black onyx), some interesting vanilla mixes (spiced vanilla, bourbon vanilla) and some very cool exotic ingredients (kaffir lime leaves, preserved lemons, grains of paradise).  We generally don’t buy spice blends because we make our own but Savory’s had a few that we couldn’t pass up.  We probably could have gotten more but we spent enough there.

What we got:


  • Green Cardamom Pods
  • Smoky Black Cardamom Pods
  • Vietnamese Cinammon (Hannah practically begged for it! Smells and tastes so good, you don’t need sugar)
  • Aleppo Pepper
  • Jerk for Fish and Chicken
  • Bay Leaves
  • Brown Mustard Seeds
  • Yellow Mustard Seeds
  • Sesame Seeds (Jeff wants to grind them and make his own Halavah)
  • Turkish Oregano
  • Vindaloo Seasonings

Savory Spices

  • Freeze Dried Corn (because how cool is that?  Tastes like popcorn)
  • Kaffir Lime Leaves
  • Tan Tan Moroccan Seasoning
  • Mexican Mole Seasoning
  • Mexican Cocoa (with cinammon and vanilla)
  • Berbere Ethiopian Seasoning
  • Piri-Piri Spice Blend
  • Peruvian Chile Lime Blend
  • Barrier Reef Seasoning Blend

Tonight we had the Tan Tan Moroccan blend dusted on lamb meatballs in a spicy quick tomato sauce served over Farro with sauteed green beans on the side.  No picture, sorry.



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