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Reading Question

This shamelessly stolen from a blog that my good friend Nancy writes.  She asked this question the other day and it is a fun one so I am repeating it here.

Where do you love to read? Do you have a favorite chair, a favorite room, a favorite place…somewhere that inspires you to put everything else aside and pick up a book?

My answers:

1.  In bed.  I do read in bed not every night but many nights.  There is something about being all tucked in under my mountain of blankets and snuggled in with at least one of the dogs.

2.  Outside.  Either on the deck or by the lake.  We don’t have a great comfy chair out on the deck but that is something to work towards.  There is nothing like reading by the lake in a sand chair with my feet dangling in the cool water and the sun shining down.  Heaven.  ‘Nuff said.

So where do you read?


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A little late but still well within January.  I found this on the Williamsburg Public Library (VA) website.  It is a fun list of reading resolutions.  I don’t know that I would resolve to do them all, maybe one or two.  What are your reading resolutions or goals?

  1. I will reread a book I loved as a child.
  2. I will finally read that classic from high school that I’ve been avoiding.
  3. I will find a book of poetry and read some aloud.
  4. I wi’ll spend an hour in aimless browsing at a library or bookstore.
  5. I will assemble a list of my favorite people and send them my ideas about books (favorites, recent reads &  the like)
  6. I will read a book to a child.
  7. I will gather a few friends and read a play out loud.
  8. I will read a book on the history of the town or area where I live.
  9. I will read a book written from a political point of view that is totally opposite of my own.
  10. I will read a book about a place I’ve never been to.
  11. I will reread a book that I just didn’t “get” when I was younger.
  12. I will ask a librarian to show me some print and online resources for readers.

My goals?

  1. Read 100 books
  2. Try to read at least one book from incredibly popular authors that I have not yet read (Patterson, Roberts, Baldacci)
  3. Read books in a new genres or with new themes (military fiction, political, espionage)
  4. Read the Percy Jackson series aloud to Hannah and Peter (if Peter wants to hear it, I know Hannah does)



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