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Title:  One Real Thing
Authors:  Anah Crown and Dianne Fox
Publisher: Carina Press
Format/Source: eARC from NetGalley

This was the first ebook that I read via NetGalley.  It is the story of Nick and Holly (short for Hollister) and their relationship.   Nick is a no nonsense reporter who has always had a soft spot for college buddy Holly.  When he reads in the tabloids that Holly’s life is falling apart he steps in and helps out.  Holly’s life is a mess.  He has been screwing everything that walks, male or female as well as drinking and generally partying his life away.  Nick flies to California and brings an unwilling Holly back to NY to nurse back to health.  While doing this and keeping it a secret from his wife who despises Holly, Nick’s own life falls apart.  Together Nick and Holly rediscover their friendship and the underlying attraction that neither has fully admitted.  Nick and Holly’s relationship might scare some readers off.  While it isn’t a BSDM relationship completely, Nick takes total control of Holly’s life.  He tells Holly when he can eat, what he can eat, when he can go out and on and on.  The romance between Nick and Holly is slowly developed and explored.  It takes a back seat sometimes to the rules that Nick has laid down but it is there.  Clearly the two men care about each other and work to make it something that will last.



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