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A little late but still well within January.  I found this on the Williamsburg Public Library (VA) website.  It is a fun list of reading resolutions.  I don’t know that I would resolve to do them all, maybe one or two.  What are your reading resolutions or goals?

  1. I will reread a book I loved as a child.
  2. I will finally read that classic from high school that I’ve been avoiding.
  3. I will find a book of poetry and read some aloud.
  4. I wi’ll spend an hour in aimless browsing at a library or bookstore.
  5. I will assemble a list of my favorite people and send them my ideas about books (favorites, recent reads &  the like)
  6. I will read a book to a child.
  7. I will gather a few friends and read a play out loud.
  8. I will read a book on the history of the town or area where I live.
  9. I will read a book written from a political point of view that is totally opposite of my own.
  10. I will read a book about a place I’ve never been to.
  11. I will reread a book that I just didn’t “get” when I was younger.
  12. I will ask a librarian to show me some print and online resources for readers.

My goals?

  1. Read 100 books
  2. Try to read at least one book from incredibly popular authors that I have not yet read (Patterson, Roberts, Baldacci)
  3. Read books in a new genres or with new themes (military fiction, political, espionage)
  4. Read the Percy Jackson series aloud to Hannah and Peter (if Peter wants to hear it, I know Hannah does)




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